Office Visits with Dr. V

Episode 11:Dr. V‘s COVID Epiphany and The Great Resignation with Craig and CoCo Varnado

October 16, 2021

The global pandemic caused by Covid changed the course of my life.  The hustle and grind of a thriving Ob/Gyn practice was no longer appealing after I realized what was most important to me.  Millions of other Americans have made the same choice to leave their jobs, which is being called The Great Resignation.  Living out my priorities has boosted my health and happiness, which has started me on a path to doing and achieving things I never thought possible.  Be inspired by following your heart's desire.

[00:01:55] Dr. V is Retiring from Private Practice 
[00:03:49] How the Pandemic Changed Dr. V’s Perspective
[00:06:44] Why Dr. V Decided Not to Just Do Obstetrics
[00:08:03] The Great Resignation
[00:11:17] Is Starting Her Health & Wellness Enterprise Courageous
[00:15:33] Dr. V Noticed a Void in Medicine And Explains Lifestyle Medicine
[00:17:29] 52 Saturdays with Dr. V  Plus Craig
[00:20:10] How Dr. V’s Daughter and Husband Feel About Her Change
[00:25:16] Dr. V Discusses How God is Leading Her in This Journey.

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