Office Visits with Dr. V

Episode 1: Meet Dr. V

July 5, 2022

I am a busy doctor, wife and mother. Get to know me and why I love you so much that I wanted to create a podcast. My prayer is that something said on this podcast will get you started on a path to your optimal health and wellness.


00:36 - This being the first episode of the Office visits with Dr. V podcast, Dr. V starts by outlining what inspired her to start the podcast. The fact that she wasn't sure about what to talk about didn't stop her from following her dream of starting a podcast. So, armed with her husband's advice, she decided to treat this podcast like a job interview and tackle issues she couldn't cover in a typical doctor's appointment.


02:08 - Every person's career journey is unique; Dr. V's journey is no different. Having taken a gap year before joining campus, she decided to work for a non-profit organization called the Public Allies. Dr. V admits that the real-life work experience she got while working with that organization helped her realize what she wanted to do with her life.


03:13 - Dr. V's mother was a pediatric nurse, and that's how she got to learn about the wonderful world of medicine. At one time during her teenage years, she stumbled upon four books about the human body. One of the books was about the reproductive process, which, to her, was like reading and watching porn. She was fascinated by how the human body works and the entire process of how a baby comes into being.


05:15 - There was a time during her undergrad days when Dr. V was faced with a situation which most people will view as somewhat awkward. One of her athlete friends struggled to put on a tampon, and Dr. V had to talk her through how best to put on a tampon. This experience helped her realize that women don't know a lot about their bodies. It was high time someone took the initiative to educate women about how unique their bodies are.


06:18 - When Dr. V got into private practice, she found out that some of her patients were having difficulties dealing with their mental and physical ailments. Although some patients could hardly afford a doctor's appointment, most, if not all of them wanted someone to listen to them. This, in turn, prompted Dr. V to become the doctor who gets to know her patients better before treating them. She describes that the talks she has before getting into a patient's problems help ease the room's tension and enhance that patient-doctor relationship.


09:35 - In this part of the conversation, Dr. V is not happy with how some women know very little about their bodies. Dr. V states that some women would book a doctor's appointment claiming to have an unhealthy vagina while it was just normal cervical mucus. Although Doctor Google can sometimes have misinformed diagnostics, Dr. V believes that it's always beneficial to know about some of the common issues women face.


12:14 - The medicine world is always changing to accommodate new strategies and information to help people live better lives. With the introduction of Lifestyle medicine, Dr. V found out that 80% of chronic ailments can be prevented by the mere shift in how we live. Although some conditions like age are things we cannot control, according to Dr. V, changing how we eat, drink, and exercise can significantly enhance our lives' quality.


15:15 - The pillars of health, as described by Dr. V, are nutrition, exercise, sleep, and connection. Although most people downplay the benefits of a great connection, having a good connection with your family or society can significantly improve the way you live. Dr. V goes on to applaud her husband, who has been of great help in her medicine journey.


17:40 - As a parting shot, Dr. V narrates how she has always been fascinated by the human body and just how great our bodies are. Just like everybody is unique, everyone has a different purpose in life. With that in mind, Dr. V explains that her purpose is to become an instrument that brings peace and purpose to people both for the body and soul. As an active member of her church and taking on the role of minister of health and wellness, she realized that helping people get well and live healthy lifestyles is what she calls her calling.


18:30 - Dr. V's message to you today is that God wants you to live a better life. Although you might sometimes be faced with situations out of your control, the things you can deal with should be dealt with accordingly. Your body has been designed to heal itself, but it can't do it on its own. So, go out there, live your life, and start embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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