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Episode 12: Are you addicted to your paycheck? - Jerome Myers

October 22, 2021

It has been said, "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life."  But for so many of us, we are in the Matrix and have failed to realize that we are not pursing our purpose.  This is a follow up episode from Dr. V's Covid Epiphany and the Great Resignation.  We speak to Jerome Myers, the Preeminent Authority on Dream Realization and Chief Inspiration Officer of Dream Catchers, to discuss the psychology behind why we stay and some of the effects on her health by staying stuck.  Learn about how to "Take the Red Pill", Learned Helplessness and the levels you need to address to live a life of meaning and purpose.  Note:  If you haven't seen the movie, The Matrix, you will need to watch it for homework.

[00:02:38] Jerome Tells His Story
[00:10:21] Jerome is Flipping Houses and It Opens a Door
[00:13:14] Jerome’s Dream Comes True
[00:15:47] The Majority of Us Decided Who We Were Going to Be Around 6 Years Old
[00:18:51] The Matrix as A Metaphor
[00:22:15] Jerome Explains The Six Levels
[00:27:08] 70% of Doctors Visits Are Due To Stress
[00:38:12] Learned Helplessness Explained
[00:46:05] How to Get in Touch with Jerome
[00:46:37] Jerome Describes A Bit About His Journey Taking the Red Pill
[00:50:18] Jerome Briefly Explains An Overview of His Book And Why It is Important


Learned Helplessness:

Jerome explains learned helplessness as an addiction to a paycheck. People with learned helplessness are waiting for somebody to send them money every week or every other week or once a month, whatever the pay cycle is, instead of convincing themselves that they can go out there and offer the world something that they will compensate them for. More importantly, people do not see their value. And so, first, they must get clear on what their gift is, what they are really good at. What do people seek them out for? And that thing, if packaged the proper way and put in front of the right person will command some income, but what are you good at? So, the starting point is getting quiet and actually thinking about what are people seeking you for? 

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