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Episode 13:What‘s up with COVID? (Oct 2021)-Dr. Kimberly Shelton

October 29, 2021

In this episode of the Office Visits with Dr. V, we meet Physician Dr. Kimberly R Shelton, she specializes in internal medicine and functional medicine. She is Dr. V’s personal physician. Dr. Shelton explains why Covid is such a serious virus, misinformation about the virus, reasons to consider the vaccine, and alternative treatments she prescribed her patients early on as well as other alternatives being used and their efficacy.


[00:02:14] Who is Kimberly Shelton?
[00:03:43] What is Functional Medicine & Why is Dr. Shelton Passionate About It?
[00:06:51] Dr. Shelton’s Patient Supplement Regimen Before The Vaccine.
[00:08:20] Dr. Shelton Explains Types of Coronavirus And Covid’s Relation To Sars
[00:09:38] Immune System & Diet and Exercise
[00:13:52] Keeping the Virus in the Upper Respiratory System
[00:17:27] Covid Long Hauler Symptoms
[00:18:33] Dr. Shelton on the Vaccine
[00:21:50] Alternative Medication Being Used Like Plaquenil or Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin & More
[00:24:17] What Is Monoclonal Antibody Infusion?
[00:28:03] Take Cold and Allergy Symptoms Seriously.
[00:32:41] Let’s Look At The Studies
[00:35:40] Doctors Looking At The Science

Functional Medicine & Why Dr. Shelton Decided to Practice:

Functional medicine is a way of thinking, a way of approach that looks not at just a patient’s prior diagnosis of disease but their condition based on a set of symptoms. Functional medicine looks beyond that to the cause and looks at trends in their personal history and tries to put the whole story together. So looking at the patient from a more holistic perspective and looking at the systems and mechanisms behind the progression of certain symptoms rather than just the end game, which is the symptom of the condition itself. Dr. Shelton early on in her career, found there to be an overuse of prescriptions, procedures, and surgeries as the answer to treatment without trying to view the patient holistically looking at their health and wellness over time and the lack of education for patients around their ability to heal naturally (not in all cases, of course).

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