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Episode 17: Before You Get Pregnant…(Preconception Counseling)-Dr. V

December 6, 2021

Grab your pen and paper! In this episode, Dr. V discusses preconception counseling.  With over 50% of pregnancies being unplanned, it is more and more important for women/couples to schedule an appointment with their doctor to specifically discuss this topic. Dr. V details exactly what should be discussed during one of these sessions to help you understand why it is so important to optimize your health prior to becoming an “incubator.”


[00:05:00] When to Consider Preconception Counseling

[00:06:30] #1 Thing to Think About Before Having a Baby
[00:08:20] Risk Assessment: What Could Become An Issue Before and After You Get Pregnant
[00:15:35] Substance Use And Problems Many Can Cause
[00:18:00] Nutrition, Weight Management & Exercise
[00:23:40] Why You Need A Physical Exam & Blood Work Before Getting Pregnant
[00:29:35] Certain Viruses That Put Your Baby at Risk
[00:31:50] Genetic Testing
[00:33:11] Ways Doctors Can Intervene & Improve Your Pregnancy Outcomes
[00:37:40] Behaviors that Can Put Your Baby at Risk
[00:38:35] High Blood Pressure & Pregnancy Risks
[00:42:55] Medications to Avoid & Conditions to Control

Why Preconception Counseling Is Important?

Quote from Dr. V: 

“You need to live a life that prepares you to be pregnant even before you think about or want to get pregnant. And so, again, I'm really focused on prevention and the things that even we do as teenagers, and in college, when we're not wanting to get pregnant or have per se. It really is important that we start taking care of ourselves from every facet of life. Just so you know, sometimes this conversation can not be had prior to getting pregnant because 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. Can you believe it? 50%? I'm not telling anybody's business, but I wasn't planned. And I think I shared that on my last podcast. I wasn't, I wasn't. And so we don't often have the time to have the conversation that we're going to have today. So if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready.”

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