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Episode 18:Cultivating the Culture of Consent to Enhance Your Sexual Wellness-Bobbi Pompey

December 20, 2021

Consent is all about knowing when to say yes and when to say no. It’s a practice that can be applied universally, not just in sexual contexts. However, there are many reasons why consent can be difficult, but one of the most common is that it’s not something we are taught at home or school, especially when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. In order to foster a culture of consent, we need to be able to talk openly about these issues. Learning and teaching our children about consent can help us to know what it means and how to apply it in different situations in our life. 

Join the conversation with Bobbi Pompey as she shares the concepts around consent and how you can cultivate it as a culture in your everyday life. Bobbi is an independent living skills specialist and an adjunct professor at San Francisco State, where she teaches independent living skills for the blind.


During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:53] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[02:01] Having conversations around sex and handling sex assault

[06:06] Bobbi’s career background 

[08:25] The meaning of cis and transgender

[10:27] The role of consent in everyday life

[13:14] The true definition of consent and how it plays in different situations

[15:04] How assumptions around consents can get us into troubles 

[21:35] Legal consents and how your right to consent can be violated

[24:10] How Bobbi got into the space and her experience in the field 

[27:06] Bobbi experience with tools of consent and how she used them

[30:17] How Bobbi was sexual assaulted and what prevented her from reaching out

[34:00] When Bobbi got help and was finally able to speak it loud

[37:39] Tools that you can use when you feel like your consent has been violated

[40:27] Resources where you can learn more about consent and sexual assault

[44:00] How to reach out and connect with Bobbi

Notable Quotes 

  • Consent is bigger than sex, intimacy and relationships
  • Consent is respecting somebody for their permission or denial
  • If you are uncomfortable with your consent, it’s probably being violated
  • Always trust your gut
  • Whatever you have to do to get out of a situation is what you’ve to do.


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