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Episode 2: Save your copay. It’s just cervical mucus.

November 12, 2020

What is the cervix? What is mucus? This is one of the common things I see in women that I know is normal but they don't. You don't need an antibiotic to fix normal. It's something that every woman has and it has a purpose.


01:02 - Dr. V starts off by highlighting that she'll try as much as possible to keep the podcast episodes short since her main goal is to make the podcast short yet impactful. Dr. V understands that she can't tell it all in one episode so she'll limit the topics to 5 facts that are as relevant as possible.  


01:31 - When you visit your doctor, you'll have to part with a specific amount of money unless you're there for your annual wellness check. After several years in the industry, Dr. V noticed that some women actually visit their doctors complaining of entirely normal stuff. Issues like vaginal discharge are familiar to every woman, yet some women will still schedule an appointment to get the discharge looked at. 


02:10 - Most women don't understand that vaginal discharge is a crucial element of their menstrual and reproductive cycles. It's not their fault, though, since these topics are usually not taught in schools, so women have to figure it out on their own. If you notice some form of mucus discharge from your vagina, that's just the usual stuff. However, if by chance the mucus is either smelly, itchy, or has a weird color, then it's time to schedule that appointment. 


02:50 - The cervix is one of the most important body parts in the female reproductive system. The most common roles played by the cervix are keeping the baby safe during pregnancy, dilating to let the baby out during birth, and most importantly producing mucus. According to Dr. V, the mucus produced not only welcomes the sperms deposited into the vagina but also regulates temperature and ph inside the vagina. 


04:13 - Women who would like to use natural birth control techniques can use mucus discharge as a sign of ovulation and therefore abstain from sex. Other than delicate breasts, clear egg-white like discharge is a sign that you're ovulating and couples looking to get pregnant can also take advantage of that. Dr. V being a woman, she goes through the same things as every other woman out there. So, she goes on to describe that at first, the mucus will be clear but after some time turn thicker and yellowish, which is a clear sign that you've ovulated. 


05:40 - The only time you won't see any mucus is when you're not on any birth control medications or not ovulating. Women past their menopause are also less likely to produce any mucus since their bodies are not able to make any more babies so their reproductive system kind of shuts down. 


09:15 - Dr. V's message to you today is that, as a woman, it's up to you to take the initiative to learn about your body. Doctor’s appointments are pretty expensive, so you need to start learning what's expected by tracking the different cycles in your body. 


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