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Episode 22: Being Physically Active through Running with Thad McLauri

May 3, 2022

Thad is a personal trainer and running coach who combines his passion for running (over 30 years!) and his love of writing by hosting the popular website RunnerDude's Blog (, one of the top-ranked running blogs in the country. He's also a contributing writer for, has written articles for, and was featured in the July 2010 Runner's World "Ask the Experts" section. Thad owns RunnerDude's Fitness, a personal training studio in Greensboro, North Carolina, that provides fitness and running programs for all ages and ability levels. He has worked with hundreds of runners, from beginners to experienced marathoners. His biggest reward is helping others get hooked on running, fitness, and healthy living.


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Physical activity is the foundation for a healthy life. It has been shown to help with everything from sleep to heart health and mental health. It also helps with weight loss, mood, and energy levels. There are many different ways to be active, including running, walking, cycling, and swimming. Running is an efficient way to get your daily dose of physical activity in without breaking a sweat or burning too many calories.


Running can strengthen and tone your body, improve your cardiovascular health and endurance, and increase your overall performance during a race or a long-distance run. Learn more about running with Thad McLaurin in this episode.


During this episode, you will learn about;

[01:15] Meet our today’s guest, Thad McLaurin

[02:11] How he became the Runner Dude and a running coach 

[06:41] Did his childhood upbringing have anything to do with his passion?

[10:50] Personal benefits of running

[12:54] Thad’s message to the overweight and obese 

[16:36] How to choose the best running footwear

[19:50] Keeping records of your running progress

[23:55] Why everybody should be doing a running exercise

[25:25] How to avoid injury when running

[27:17] Strength training as a way to prevent injury when running

[29:16] Muscular endurance training exercises you can try today

[32:30] The health benefits associated with running

[37:26] Key takeaway lessons from Thad

[38:55] Connect with him and know about running groups you can join

[45:10] Episode wrap up and calls to action


Notable Quotes 

  • “Running is the only inclusive activity that anybody can do, regardless of their age, color or race.”
  • “Shoes are an investment in running.”
  • “Anything you do too excessively is poison.”
  • “Running is all about maintaining balance.”

Book Recommendation;

  1. Full-Body Fitness for Runners by Thad McLaurin:

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