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Episode 6: Part 1. Itchy & Fishy. Let’s fix it.

January 8, 2021

Yeast or BV? Which one could it be?  FYI-BV is Bacterial Vaginosis.  In these 2 episodes, you'll learn how to know when Houston has a problem with your vaginal discharge.


00:35 - In episode 1 part 1 of the Itchy and Fishy discussion, Dr. V talks about Bacterial Vaginosis or BV for short, is a bacterial disease that is not necessarily an STD but behaves a lot like a typical STD. As mentioned in the previous episodes, vaginal discharge during ovulation is normal, and it's something that shouldn't worry you one bit. However, with BV, Dr. V explains that the vaginal discharge is usually heavy, white, and produces a fishy odor. The foul smell is the symptom you need to look out for if you suspect that you might have BV.


07:00 - BV normally thrives in an environment where your vaginal pH is higher than normal. So, the way to treat BV is by using antibiotics that return your pH to normal. A word of caution from Dr. V is that you should try as much as possible not to drink alcohol when taking antibiotics because alcohol is known to cause sickness if ingested together with antibiotics. Another thing to keep in mind is that BV recurrence is mainly caused by people not completing their doses. The common trend among patients is that immediately a person feels better, that's the last day they take their medication. If you never want to produce that fishy smell ever again, not finishing your medication should be the last thing on your mind.


10:35 - Back in the day, women used to douche their vaginas in preparation for going to church or special occasions. While this was considered normal, these women increased their chances of getting BV because, according to Dr. V, douching potentially tampers with the normal vaginal pH. Another way of keeping your vaginal pH stable is through using a condom. Tests done on semen have found that semen has the capability to alter a woman's vaginal pH. On matters prevention, Dr. V concludes by highlighting the demerits of running a bubble bath. Sometimes taking a bubble bath might not be good for you because Dr. V believes that the more you bubble bath, the more you run the risk of tampering with your pH. 


14:10 - Although BV is not sexually transmitted, the common thing between BV and an STD is that the pH is usually impacted. Dr. V goes on to explain that BV is normally harmless to pregnant women but is known to cause early labor. If you feel like you might have BV during pregnancy, the wisest thing to do is talk to your doctor. Don't self-diagnose or self-treat against BV using over the counter drugs. This is because BV sometimes shares similar symptoms with other STDs, making it impossible to differentiate unless properly tested. If you feel like you might have BV, please make a point of visiting your doctor first.


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